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Appeal to the Media

24 March 2015

Dear Media, please inform the public in accordance with the rules of journalism. Four Rules of Journalism: always tell the truth act independently minimize harm be accountable Tribestan® is a herbal product obtained by an original technology from the aerial parts of the plant Tribulus terrestris L. TribulusTerrestris (Tribulus) is a medicinal herb with long tradition and wide use. The name of the herb is derived from the Latin meaning of the word Tribulus. It is known in our country by various names: babini zabi (caltrop), demir bozan, divi koshnichki (wild baskets), revnichav buren (jealous weed), zhalteniche (yellow flower), etc. Tribilus is a perennial grass broad-leaved silky fibrous plant with a 10—50 cm long stem. Flowers are 3—4 cm in diameter, dark purple, red or pale violet. Sepals are outward bent. It blossoms in March—May. Seeds can keep their vitality up to 20 years. In Bulgaria, it grows in different regions up to 800 m above sea-level. The drug obtained from TribulusTerrestrisis used as a raw material in pharmaceutical industry – in Bulgaria for the product Tribestan (Трибестан ®).