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Children's Career Fair Will Take Place In Sofia

8 December 2014

On the 10th of December (Wednesday) from 15:00 o’clock, in the building of the former Central Sofia Bath (next to TZUM) starts a unique Children’s Career Fair. Within the fair, over 16 companies will show some of their professions in an interesting and fun way for children. Entrance is free, and the recommended age for the children is from 9 to 16 years.

The fair provides the school children with the unique opportunity to try taking interviews and shoot reports;to watch a demonstration of electric turbine, to watch a competition of hydrogen cars and work with burners, to test mobile applications, to program revolutionary robots made of scrap, to tell apart counterfeit banknotes and to use other bank machines – such as POS devices, money counting machines, etc.; to send a letter to Santa Clause and to trace its route through professional couriers, to fill a rag doll by themselves,to find out how a gift machine works, to draw with special paints and last but not least to try the chocolate fondue.

The program is part of the national initiative “I Am Proud of the Work of My Parents”, where for a second consecutive year Bulgarian companies open their doors for empolyees’ children. The idea of the initiative is by specially designed programs and games to show them why the work of their parents is important. The project belongs to the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact, and the purpose is to become an yearly event and to cover the business nationwide.

Since last year, the nuber of the companies involved doubled and this autumn 24 copmanies hosted more than 850 children from 8 towns – Sofia, Plovdiv, Panagyurishte, Galabovo, Ognyanovo, Devnya, Ruse, Pirdop and Slivnitsa.

16 industries are taking part in the initiative - pharmacy, logistics and courier services, information technologies, veterinary medicine, banking, processing industry, apparel industry, gas supply, telecommunications, media, insurance, retail, mining, power supply, winemaking, machine-building, manufacture of paints and building materials. 106 professions are presented to the childrenin an interesting way.

This year there was exchange as well. It allowed children who took part last year to visit another company and to learn about new professions. 10 pilot companies participated in the exchange.

The initiative also enjoys increased media interest with 18 media partners: 13 national, 2 from Ruse, 3 from Plovdiv.