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31 July 2017

The Company notifies that the stabilization of the economic environment on our main export markets and the optimization of the operations of Sopharma AD led to 73% increase of the operating profit from BGN 14 310 thousand for the first half of 2016 BGN 24 698 thousand for the first half of 2017 and of 50% increase of EBITDA from BGN 21 318 thousand for the fisrst half of 2016  to BGN 32 048 thousand for the first half of 2017.

“Our efforts towards improving the way we operate, to further improve the synergy after the merger with Bulgarian Rose – Sevtopolis AD, to optimize or trade activities and to start new, interesting and profitable projects are reconfirmed in our financial results. We also appereciate the fact that factors outside of our control also improved leading to fast growth. We are proud that our subsidiary Sopharma Trading AD received a green light from to start larger projects in Serbia.”, comments Ognian Donev, PhD, Executive director and Chariman of the Board of directors of Sopharma AD.