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Registration of the capital increase

6 March 2015

The Board of directors of Sopharma AD hereby notifies that as part of the process related to the merger of Bulgarian Rose – Sevtopolis AD into Sopharma AD the company has undertaken the registration of the capital increase in the Central Depository AD. After communication with the Central Depository and with their kind assistance the calculation of the distribution of shares will be carried our under the provisions of the contract for merger signed between the two parties on June 19, 2014 and for the convenience of the shareholders for those that have more than one client account the calculation will be carried out baes on the total number of shares and the distribution between the different accounts will be carried our proportionally (the remainder will be distributed into the last account).

We hereby notify that until the new issuance from the capital increase is registered into the public register of the Financial Supervision Commission the newly issued shares of Sopharma AD will be blocked and will not be traded.