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Sales revenues for December 2018

11 January 2019

Sopharma AD (3JR: “BSE-Sofia” AD, SPH: Warsaw Stock Exchange) notifies that for December 2018 the Company recorded an increase of sales revenues of 26% compared to the same month of 2017, including 75% increase of domestic sales and a decrease of 1% of export sales.

In 2018 revenue from sales of goods decreased by 3% compared to the same period in 2017, incl. 3% increase in sales for the domestic market and 7% decrease in export sales.

„It's been a year of review - on our 85th anniversary, we looked back to enjoy our successes, to thank the people with whome we've achieved them and celebrate with everyone we want to share our future with. Thank you for sharing! We are proud to have been among the pioneers with two major initiatives - we have distributed shares to all our employees according to their length of service and contribution to the company's successes and distributed the first interim dividend. We have received support from our shareholders for both initiatives, which has always been an important indication for us confirming that we are doing the right thing.“, commented Mr. Ognian Donev, PhD, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sopharma AD.