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AGM - decisions

24 Czerwiec 2013

Please be informed that the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Sopharma AD, held on 21.06.2013 in Sofia, 5 Lachezar Stanchev str., took the following decisions:

  • net profit for 2012, amounting to 41 168 306.40 BGN, after the allocation of 41 168 30.64 or 10% of the profit for the statutory reserve from the remaining amount of 37 051 475.76 BGN shareholders with right to dividend shall receive 0.07 BGN in the form of dividend the remainder shall be allocated to the additional reserves of the Company. In accordance with the Regulations of the Central Depository, the dividend shall be paid as follows: for shareholders with client accounts at an investment intermediary – through the investment intermediary, to shareholders without accounts at an investment intermediary - through the branches of Eurobank EFG - Bulgaria AD / Postbank in the country. Payment of dividend will commence within three months from the date of the AGM, on which the payment of dividend was approved.
  • AGM elected the registered auditor company AFA ODD, Sofia, 38 Oborishte Str. to audit and certify the annual financial statements for 2013
  • AGM approves the Report of the Board of Directors pursuant to art. 114a, para 1 from the LPOS and art. 46 from the Ordinance 2 of the Financial Supervision Commission for the conditions of the transaction under art. 114, para a from the LPOS undertaken by the Company.