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Sustainable innovation

Sopharma AD invests in digital social responsibility. The company communicates with all its stakeholders through new digital instruments and support digitization of healthcare system. Sopharma AD supports public communication development as a building block of every democracy. Sopharma AD goes beyond the borders of traditional pharmaceuticals investments and support healthy and long living forums and festivals.

Investments in new communication channels

Investments in new communication channels

Sopharma AD communicates not only through its corporate website but also through its profiles in facebook, twitter and instagram.
The company also created its own blogs related to health and positive thinking: www.healthynewsmedia.bg,http://silen-den.blogspot.bg/.
Sopharma AD supports for the 7th year “Just be” festival for healthy living and self development and first edition of The Long Living forum with special guest Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation. Sopharma AD created 2 mobile apps for the end users - #Zdravi and #ExSmoker

Partnerships in public dialog for digitization of

Partnerships in public dialog for digitization of

Sopharma AD took part in first edition of „Digital Health and Medical Innovation Forum“ presenting the future of mobile apps in the area of healthcare and healthy living. 
Staying informed with the newest trends in digital healthcare, Sopharma took part in Mobile World Expo 2016 in Digital Health and Wellness Summit and in IAB panel of the ForumTTurning Mobile into Mobility: Innovation without Borders". These events show that Sopharma AD is on the right path of development and vision about the future of healthcare and the role of pharmacy as industry.
Sopharma presented the role of pharmaceutical company as publisher at IAB forum 2015 in "Content Marketing- Brands become Publishers" panel.

Investments in public communication development

Investments in public communication development

Sopharma AD is a long-term partner of the Bulgarian Public Relation Society and Medimixx platform.
Sopharma AD was awarded with the "Public Communications Investor" by the Bulgarian Public Relation Society for its 20 anniversary. The award is an unexpected recognition for sustainable and hard work in the field of media and public communications. 
For the 5th year Sopharma AD supports Mediamixx - a platform for media communication and development. 
As the one of the kind platform in Bulgaria and its role in the society the festival brought together representatives from major Bulgarian media. This year Mediamixx is going beyond the national themes and borders and includes participants from South Eastern Europe.