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Distribution in Bulgaria

Sopharma Trading AD

Sopharma Trading is a major commercial company established in 2006 after the merger of five distributor firms to become today’s leader on the Bulgarian pharmaceutical market with revenues of over half a billion.

It has been 10 years now since the family of companies, comprising the Sopharma group, follow and develop their well-established traditions in the healthcare sector.

In keeping with its promises, Sopharma Trading has become the trusted partner of more than 3 000 customers. The company offers a portfolio of over 15 000 products - medicines and medicinal products, medical consumables, medical apparatuses and equipment, food supplements and cosmetics.

Sopharma Trading is also the Bulgarian representative of a number of international companies such as General Electric, Carl Zeiss, Aboca, Jamison and many others.

The distribution system


Sopharma Trading has been able to build an integrated system for process management in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, HACCP. At the same time the company is the first Bulgarian distributor conforming to all of the parameters of Good Distribution Practice and ensuring the quality of its products, their storage and distribution.

Through the established processes and integrated systems Sopharma Trading offers:

  • Deliveries to any location in the country within four hours.
  • High quality distribution service with the help of a company-owned fleet of over 130 vehicles.
  • The delivery of the products is performed in air conditioned vehicles with permanent temperature control.
  • Ensured supplies at any time owing to the adopted system of uninterruptible business processes


Sopharma Trading is a company of 100% national logistics coverage by virtue of its distribution centers based in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo.


The company runs two modern logistics terminals in Sofia and Varna which are equipped with the fully automated KNAPP warehouse management system having no analogue on the Balkans. The KNAPP system for customer's order processing operates with minimum human intervention, ensures very high speed of order processing and minimum errors in the performance of deliveries.

This includes: 

  • Container movement speed of 6 m/sec.
  • Simultaneous processing capacity of 300 containers per minute.
  • Processing capability to handle 30 000 orders per day.
  • More than 85% of all customers' orders are fully automated.
  • 7 times faster processing of customers' orders.

At present, Sopharma Trading operates total and leased warehousing facilities of 17 500 square meters total area, or 11 700 pallet places and 5 refrigerator chambers with an area of 166.4 square meters.

Social impacts

The company's leadership role in the healthcare sector and the social responsibility ensuing from its position, have inspired Sopharma Trading’s missionary vision to transform itself from a mere distributor of medicines into a fully integrated provider of healthcare services.

The efforts of Sopharma Trading to promote the best globally accepted practices and standards on the local market have preconditioned the significance of its social role.

Today Sopharma Trading provides:

  • Management of turnkey projects in the construction of hospitals and other health establishments, thus ensuring access for the Bulgarian patients to state-of-the-art innovative methods of treatment and diagnostics.
  • Access for the Bulgarian patients to the most up-to-date practices and standards applied in Europe and in the world in providing pharmaceutical services.
  • Support for the young start-up specialists through the yearly internship program of Sopharma Trading.

Technology and innovation

Sopharma Trading occupies its leading position owing to the ongoing strive to offer the last word in healthcare services on the local market.

Among the basic virtues of the company is innovation as an approach to the strategic management of the business and to the introduction of highest professional standards on par with those in Europe and in the world.

Sopharma Trading has realized a number of innovative projects, including:

  • The new “SOpharmacy” concept
    Sopharmacy stores offer modern approach in healthcare services by placing patients' needs in the focus of its professional life. The major practices of the new pharmacies that are a novelty in Bulgaria, include the providing of individual medical consultations, a portfolio of products arranged by categories of symptoms and intended use, an environment which will highly facilitate patient's orientation and demands. SOpharmacy' mission is to become a trusted healthcare partner ...for life!

    OMNIS is the company’s project aimed at servicing the needs of the investors in healthcare facilities and high-tech projects. The Latin word “OMNIS” stands for “everything” and it symbolizes the expertise of Sopharma Trading's team in the realization of turnkey projects in the field of healthcare services.

  • Setting up modern logistics terminals
    Sopharma Trading runs two modern logistics terminals in Sofia and Varna, which utilize most modern automated warehouse system developed by the Austrian manufacturer KNAPP. The system is unique for the Balkans and provides highly automated processing of customer orders.