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Looking ahead

Becoming a strong regional player and the first partnering choice

New products

Expanding the product portfolio will strenghten the growth potential.

3-5 new products to be finalized by year-end
Organic growth

Grow organically in selected new markets to become a strong regional player with stable, geographically diversified revenues by: 

  • Selective entry into new markets with high growth potential
  • Registering and marketing the Company’s branded pharmaceutical products in other EU countries 
  • Continuing to selectively assess acquisition and strategic partnership opportunities
  • Potential for growth on more than 20 markets having less than 1% current share in sales revenues.
    Market position

    Maintain the Company’s position as a leading Bulgarian pharmaceutical manufacturer with high quality affordable products and improve existing products.

    Increase manufacturing capacity

    Optimized technologies for increased capacity and moderate investment in new equipment in specialized areas as injectables.

    Intra group integration

    Further consolidate and integrate the Group to optimize its cost structure, control entirely the production chain and benefit from potential synergies.

    First steps have been taken for merging “Unipharm” AD in Sopharma.