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About us

Our purpose

We have an active and crucial role in raising standards of everyday life, in making people healthier, happier and safer.

The Group has a leading market position in Bulgaria
contributing to 71% of its sales of health related products
Our products are available on over 40 export markets
employees work for us
We have more than 4000 shareholders

Message of the Ceo


Dear partners,

With the completion of the most successful year after the crisis, we welcome the 85th anniversary of Sopharma AD, this is a reason to strive to become even better in the care for people's health, to affirm the tradition in the production of quality Bulgarian medicines following  international recognized standards and technologies and continue to develop as a Group of companies in the healthcare sector.

The excellent financial results we have achieved over the past year give us security and allow us to make ambitious plans for the future because we see that we are moving in the right direction. Our sales on the Russian and Ukrainian markets have stabilized not only for macroeconomic reasons but also due to the changes in the team and work organization we made at the beginning of the year. As a result, we have achieved 20% growth on export markets. In Bulgaria, we are still expecting the reform in the sector that will allow us to truly develop, but despite the circumstances, our sales have increased by 3%. We finalized the merger of “Medica” AD into “Sopharma” AD and in the meantime we received the approval of the Financial Supervision Commission to merge another of our subsidiaries the pharmaceutical producer – “Unipharm” AD. Consolidation in the Group leads to cost optimization, better organization, centralization of major marketing and sales activities, and better performance across markets.

In 2018, we expect the next phase of Tabex's US registration conducted by our partner Achieve Lifesciences, namely Phase 3, to be launched. After its completion, we will have greater clarity about the prospects of the project.

I want to thank you again for your trust and support!

Ognian Donev,PhD,
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Sopharma AD


Our idea of responsible business
  • The social role of our generic medicines
  • Employment
  • Investments
  • Social diseases responsibility
  • Energy efficiency and low environmental impact
  • National responsible producer