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About us

Our purpose

We have an active and crucial role in raising standards of everyday life, in making people healthier, happier and safer.

The Group has a leading market position in Bulgaria
contributing to 71% of its sales of health related products
Our products are available on over 40 export markets
employees work for us
We have more than 4000 shareholders

Message of the Ceo


Dear friends,

A quite dynamic year is over. We started it with good forecasts for our main export markets, especially Russia and the Ukraine. The reality was that only after the first few months of the year the unstable situation in Russia had a negative impact on the overall expectations of the population and the purchasing power on the market fell a result of which was a 6% decline in the sales revenues for the export markets by year-end. The price erosion on the domestic market was a cause of 2% decrease of sales in value and a 7% increase in packages.

In the past few months we see some signs for economic and political stabilization in Russia, which give us certain security for the results of 2017. We are optimistic for the trend of recovery of the sales in the Ukraine. After the restructuring of our export activities our local teams work systematically for the increase of the results on a number of markets like Poland, Belarus, Latvia, etc. We are very proud with the successful registrations of new products which we are yet to develop. An excellent example is Tuspan® – the coughing syrup, which will be available on a number of European markets even this year in case of successful and timely procedures.

This year started with a long-awaited news concerning our project of registration of our product Tabex® in the USA. In case a restructuring takes place between Achieve and Oncogenex (our remaining shares in the capital of Extab will be transformed in shares in Achieve in case of such restructuring) there will be two advantages for us: first, the new joint team of the two companies will have a much bigger chance of a successful registration of Tabex and second, “Sopharma” AD will become a shareholder in a public company traded on NASDAQ.”, says Ognian Donev, PhD, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors, “Sopharma” AD.

It is a tradition to make wishes for the New Year and let me wish all of our partners a healthy and successful 2017!

Ognian Donev,PhD,
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Sopharma AD


Our idea of responsible business
  • The social role of our generic medicines
  • Employment
  • Investments
  • Social diseases responsibility
  • Energy efficiency and low environmental impact
  • National responsible producer