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Our purpose

We have an active and crucial role in raising standards of everyday life, in making people healthier, happier and safer.


How do we achieve this?

Innovation in producing
Continuously investing in technologies, innovation, research and science

Efficiency in distributing
Increasingly enhancing a distribution model for products and services that make medication more accessible and affordable for the vast majority of patients

Commitment in sharing
Establishing a constant and effective dialogue with all the actors in the pharmaceutical industry that contribute to the improvement of the health care system

Attractive investment
Making Sopharma an attractive investment thanks to 

  • business strategy focused on portfolio diversification, constant expansion in foreign markets, successful M&A operations
  • financial strategy based on sustainable development and on strong performance in key markets
  • adoption of transparent and efficient governance model

Dedicated partner
Always being a dedicated partner investing focused efforts into making a partnership work for the benefit of all stakeholders.