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People: our most valuable investment

“Grantors are people who believe in your dreams, in your goals. It is important that they support you, but more importantly, you are a part of a community”. Deyana Kostadinova, Secretary of Social Policies, Youth and Sport of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Rosen Plevneliev.

In 2009 led by idea to support young professionals starting their careers we created our first intern project. Since than Sopharma Trading carries out a program to select and welcome interns in accordance with the needs and capabilities within the company.

In order to facilitate the working and studying process going in parallel we offer different working hour schemes. After the interim program is over some of the participants have the opportunity to continue their career path in Sopharma Trading.

After the interim program is over some of the participants have the opportunity to continue their career path in Sopharma Trading. 3 success stories from our professionals, entering Sopharma with an internship program.

After the interim program is over some of the participants have the opportunity to continue their career path in Sopharma Trading.

Marusya Ilcheva - Good professionals are not born, but are made! 
Project Management Specialist


During my study at the bachelor's degree - majoring in Business Economy, had the opportunity to participate in internship programs and that experience helped me determine what is the direction for my future professional development. As a result, prior finishing my Master's degree in International economic relations, I decided to apply for the internship program of Sopharma Trading and particularly at Business Development department. Today, two years later, I am Project Management Specialist. I am grateful that during my internship I was given a chance to show knowledge and willingness to work, to actively participate in the activities of the department with ideas and suggestions.

In my opinion it is important for every young person to start his/ her career in a company that is constantly evolving, investing in young people, with a long-term vision and willingness for change. For me personally that company was and is Sopharma Trading. My advice towards young people is to target at the very beginning of their career, companies and sectors, where they see their personal long-term development, thus they will ensure a successful professional start.

Vladimir Dochev - A dream come true
Prewholesaling Specialist


I have always thought that every young person should have a dream and a goal during their studies. Mine was associated with my willingness to start career in a large, stable and leading company in its area. After the completion of the Bachelor's degree in "Industrial Management" I applied for an internship in the Prewholesale department in Sopharma Trading. After several interviews I received a proposal to start my professional career in the company. Understandably, I could not refuse the opportunity to start working at the leading company in the pharmaceutical market and one of the fastest growing in the country.

Now, after more than two years in Sopharma Trading, I am Prewholesaling Specialist. For me this is a recognition for my efforts and an opportunity that I grabbed more than willingly. It isn’t easy, definitely, but I can certainly state it's worth it!

I would gladly say that the Management of Sopharma Trading monitors and stimulates young trainees in their career paths and the company is one of the best places to start an internship program


Milica Stefanova - Managing creativity to innovate 
Exclusive Products Assistant


In 2013 I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Economy at the University of Economics in Varna. The specialty was new, with a focus on the preparation of business projects in various fields. In 2015 I have graduated also the first master’s program developed by the advertising agency Saatchi&Saatchi – “Advertising, innovative marketing and brand Management”.

At this point, Sopharma Trading has opened an internship position in Exclusive products department. I did not hesitate and submitted my documents and on Friday, the 13th, I started the internship program. Luckily, the fatal Friday has brought me only positive - experience, knowledge, new contacts and currently the position of Natural Products Assistant.

For only one year I have realized that Sopharma Trading is flexible and prosperous company, with a young and active team, and there are lots of chances for career development.

So, future interns - if you are creative, proactive and seeking for development, do not miss your chance!