Pharmaceutical products

The product portfolio of Sopharma AD is focused on the following therapeutic areas:

  • cardiology
  • gastroenterology
  • pain management
  • cough and cold
  • immunology and dermatology
  • respiratory and asthma
  • neurology and psychiatry
  • urology and gynecology

The group is particularly active in the Cardiovascular and CNS areas.

The most important pharmaceutical products in terms of their contribution to revenues are:

  • Carsil
    traditional plant-based product , used to treat gastroenterological disorders (liver disease);
  • Tempalgin
    traditional analgesic (painkiller);
  • Tabex
    traditional plant-based drug used for smoking secession;
  • Tribestan
    traditional plant-based drug used for stimulation of the male reproductive system;
  • Broncholytin
    traditional plant-based product used to suppress cough;
  • Analgin
    generic analgesic (pain reliever);
  • Nivalin
    traditional plant-based product used for diseases of the peripheral nervous system;
  • Methylprednisolon
    generic medicine for cases of severe allergies and certain life-threatening conditions;
  • Vitamin С
    food supplement with wide application;
  • Valeriana 
    a generic non-prescription herbal medicine used to reduce the stress;
  • Medical devices 
    gauzes, compresses and dressings.