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Sopharma as a partner

Through tradition and modern approach to production, meeting the EU quality standards and developing corporate social responsibility, Sopharma has been producing products of the highest quality standards for 85 years.

Sopharma is a holder of EU GMP - certified manufacturing sites for different dosage forms with the assurance for high product quality.

More than 210 different products are produced by Sopharma’s pharmaceutical manufacturing plants and distributed to 45 countries for various international partners.

Sopharma offers:

  • EU-GMP compliant pharmaceutical contract manufacturing
  • EU primary and secondary packaging services for international markets
  • Development of various dosage forms
  • Technological transfer of customer-developed products
  • Cleaning validation, Process validation
  • EU batch release and batch control

Sopharma is specialized in:

  • manufacturing of solid and semi-solid dosage forms,
  • sterile dosage forms,
  • non-sterile liquids/solutions.

These are all of which produced in specialized facilities (for suppositories, tablets, lyophilized products, ampoules, phyto-APIs manufacturing, syrups, creams, ointments and gels).

All the plants are EU GMP-certified and they are able to produce different types of packaging based on customer demands

  • packaging in bags
  • packaging in containers
  • packaging in AL/ PVC, AL/ PVDC, ALU/ALU blisters
  • packaging in carton boxes
  • packaging in bottles
  • packaging in tubes
  • shippers packaging

The plants can also handle specific packaging items like Data Matrix Code, Braille, Vignettes etc.

The capability of the organization and its facilities capacity is a guarantee for a high quality affordable product in a timely manner.

Sopharma offers the following contract manufacturing services:

Tablets, film-coated tablets, sugar–coated tablets and hard-gelatin capsules 

The tablet plant has an advanced manufacturing capacity, a plentitude of technological experience and a committed and highly qualified team. We are capable of manufacturing a large variety of tablet shapes and sizes. Upon demand, customised tablet shapes can also be manufactured. Tablets can be coated according to customers’ needs, using film or sugar coatings.

Main manufacturing equipment includes

  • fluid bed dryers
  • blenders
  • film-coating drums
  • high shear mixers
  • tablet presses – FETTE
  • packaging lines Uhlmann and
  • capsule filling machine MG2 Planeta

Sterile injectables (terminally sterilized injectables and aseptically prepared injectables)

At any stage of the production, from the filling to the packaging, we can offer pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services for the following pharmaceutical forms: glass ampoule of 1, 2, 5 and 10 ml, 100, 250,500 and 1000 ml PP bags and 0.7÷ 500 ml BFS (blow fill seal manufacturing technology).

Main manufacturing equipment include PW installation and WFI installation (used jointly with the lyophilized products plant), lines for visual control, high voltage inspection line (leak detection, pinhole and crack detection), labeling lines, secondary packaging lines.

Terminal sterilization: Washing-dosing-sealing line, autoclaves for steam sterilization, vessels
Aseptic preparation: Washing-depyrogenization-dosing-sealing line, autoclaves for steam sterilization, vessels
Lyophilized products: PW and WFI lines, vessels, lyophilizer, autoclaves


We offer suppository products of high quality at economical prices in bilayer PVC/PE packs.
Main manufacturing equipment include

  • homogenizers,
  • vessels,
  • filling and
  • packaging line

Non-sterile dosage forms (solutions)

Sopharma offers non-sterile dosage forms (syrups) in a variety of final packages, including PET and glass bottles.
Main manufacturing equipment includes vessels, primary and secondary packaging lines.

Semisolid dosage forms

Sopharma plants are able to manufacture different topical products (creams, ointments and gels).

Main manufacturing equipment includes vessels, homogenizer, filling and packaging line for Al and laminate tubes with filling head for 5 ÷ 150 ml and tube holders with a 20 mm diameter.