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Corporate functions

Veneta Torodova

Veneta Torodova

I graduated from the University of World Economy with a degree in Labor Economics with a Master Degree.

I started my professional career in Sopharma in 1984 with my participation in a project for cost management of the company. Until 1996 I worked successively in the HR department and in the Tablet factory as an economist. Contacts with colleagues from across the company gave me a sense of belonging to the team and to the company.
The knowledge and skills that I acquired during these years have motivated me to continue to study and develop.
I completed postgraduate degree with a major in “Finance and Accounting and Legal activities in the Companies”.

Then in 1996 I got involved in the development of economic and business analysis of the company, which was a new beginning in my career. Analyses gave answers to questions related to the degree of utilization of material, labor and financial resources, the factors leading to change and to achieveing positive results in the production activities of the company, changes in profit and profitability.
The conclusion of these analyzes helped to achieve greater economic and financial results. In 2000, the management of Sopharma provided me with a new opportunity for greater professional development and I currently hold the position of Head of "Price control and analysis." The work is interesting and dynamic, requires knowledge of production and finance.
I work with an ambitious team that is not afraid of challenges at work. We actively participated in the implementation of organizational integrated management system / ERP / to assist in the establishment of standard cost system.

For the last two years we developed a material expenditure norms for all medicinal products manufactured by Sopharma AD in full compliance with technological instructions for production.
Precision work on the spending norms provide the basis for calculating the cost of products and proper planning of materials and precise forecasting prices of materials helps to minimize the difference to the actual price/cost. Detailed and timely analysis restricts the major problems in calculating the cost and provide guidance to solve them.

I like my job and I put a lot of emotion in it. I am glad that I managed to create a team with positive relationships between colleagues, which increases their ability to concentrate and show ingenuity in stressful situations.
Every change is not accept as something that has to be done, but as something I want to do.