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Batch control

EU batch control, release and technological transfer

Our products are our face – high quality, efficient and safe

Sopharma’s quality management system provides the backbone of our contract manufacturing operations.

Our capabilities include EU batch release, EU batch control and technological transfer. Sopharma meets all compliance standards for conducting EU QC batch release testing in accordance with GMP regulations. 

Sopharma helps your products to reach markets quickly and safely by supporting you with timely and rigorous testing of your process validation and production batches, with complete confidence that all regulatory, quality and safety standards have been met.

Our quality management system, covering batch control and release testing, report generation and material supplier and manufacturer audits, ensures that our clients  receive an exceptionally rapid, reliable and high quality service. We adopt a proactive approach to problem solving and deliver accurate results, combined with clear communication, at all times. Consequently our clients  receive the highest possible level of professionalism and exceptional service  to meet their QC batch release and control testing requirements.

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