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Expanding the OTC portfolio

Sopharma has a tradition in OTC products from natural herbal extracts. Several of our distinguished products are of such origin. These are the well established brands like Carsil, Tribestan, Nivalin etc.

TUSPAN syrup is the newest addition to our OTC portfolio based on extract of ivy leaf. The already popular coughing syrup we believe will be new star in our OTC portfolio.

Tuspan is already registered or in process of registration on the core markets of Sopharma – Bulgaria, Poland, CIS, Ukraine.
In addition, with outlicencing deals in progress soon manufactured by Sopharma TUSPAN with several MAH’s will be entering the markets of EU/CEE. TUSPAN is another example of full manufacturing cycle and development within Sopharma, showing utilization and synergy of different capacities and abilities.

TUSPAN is another example of full manufacturing cycle and development within Sopharma.

The relevant API is processed and manufactured in Kazanlak factory under the EU GMP requirements. Based on it, the syrup is developed in the central R&D labs of the company with full ECTD standard regulatory documentation. The product was launched under DCP procedure on some EU markets including Bulgaria, national regulatory approvals were received for markets outside EU and new DCP’s are in progress to support market entry on other EU markets under outlicencing deals.

“Sopharma has long tradition on cough & cold therapies, brands in that line such as Broncholitin, Tusiphen etc. are well known and TUSPAN represents a fine line extension." Vladimir Afenliev, Director "Business operations, Strategic and Organizational development", Sopharma AD