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About us

Our purpose

We have an active and crucial role in raising standards of everyday life, in making people healthier, happier and safer.

The Group has a leading market position in Bulgaria
contributing to 59% of its sales of health related products
Our products are available on 40 export markets
5 427
employees work for us
We have more than 6600 shareholders

Message of the CEO


Dear shareholders and friends,

2020 questioned all boundaries, challenged us to make difficult choices, to sacrifice our own comfort to protect the most vulnerable. It's been a difficult year, both personally and professionally, but let us remember it with the things we've achieved nonetheless.

As a team we put in a lot of effort, were flexible and were able to maintain a normal rhythm of work, provide a safe environment for our employees and partners and remain stable in extremely uncertain times. We remained a key pillar of the peer network supporting the government in addressing the challenges in the healthcare system faced and we helped whenever needed.

We have launched several successful campaigns, expanded the families of our most successful products, offered new forms more convenient for application for patients at different ages. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, we also had to overcome some administrative obstacles in significant markets, such as the serialization in Russia, and by the end of the year we had completed all major activities in this direction. We achieved remarkable growth in some of the major markets in the top ten, mostly as a result of successful changes in out local trade policy. We started many interesting partnerships in various fields - production, trade, marketing, services, making building long-term, successful and mutually beneficial relationships a top priority.

 The most important thing for any crisis is what state we will be in when we get out of it. We believe that everything we have done together has made us even more resilient, inventive and flexible. Let's wish ourselves a healthier and calmer year. Thank you for your trust.

Ognian Donev, PhD
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Sopharma AD


Our idea of responsible business
  • The social role of our generic medicines
  • Employment
  • Investments
  • Social diseases responsibility
  • Energy efficiency and low environmental impact
  • National responsible producer