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About us

Our purpose

We have an active and crucial role in raising standards of everyday life, in making people healthier, happier and safer.

The Group has a leading market position in Bulgaria
contributing to 66% of its sales of health related products
Our products are available on 40 export markets
employees work for us
We have more than 6400 shareholders

Message of the CEO


Dear partners and friends,

I turn to you with gratitude for your support over the past year which was filled with uncertainty, but also with hope for the recovery to a normal business environment. We have continued to build the foundations for a sustainable future by improving the organization of work and changing the structure of our teams in the strategic areas. We invited international experts with established experience to work together with us to affirm the already well-known face of Sopharma as a reliable and trusted partner. We are already seeing results and this encourages us to take the next step forward towards a new and modern model of business that goes hand in hand with the nearly 90 years of history that has been created with hard work and consistency by all those before us.

The results achieved in 2021 bring us peace of mind as we see an emerging recovery trend in most of our markets. Particularly remarkable is the performance of the local market with a growth of 14%. Despite the overall decrease in revenue by 3.18%, EBITDA increased by 4.24% and operating profit by 8.69% as a result of the optimization of a number of business processes and improving the performance of our main products.

We have set ambitious goals that build on experience, sustainable operations and create shareholder value for the long term.

Thank you for your trust!

Ognian Donev, PhD

Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sopharma AD


Our idea of responsible business
  • The social role of our generic medicines
  • Employment
  • Investments
  • Social diseases responsibility
  • Energy efficiency and low environmental impact
  • National responsible producer