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Share & Shareholders

The shares of "Sopharma" AD are traded on the official markets of

  • "Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia" AD
  • Warsaw Stock Exchange - Warsaw

Presence in stock indices:

  • The shares are part of the indices SOFIX, BGBX40 and BGTR30 on the BSE – Sofia AD.
  • The Bulgarina National Corporate Governance Commission supports a Corporate Governance Index that is revised on an annual basis. "Sopharma" AD shares are part of this index again in 2022.
  • The Company's shares arealso included in the indices:
    • Dow Jones STOXX EU Enlarged
    • the blue-chip index Dow Jones STOXX Balkan 50 Equal Weighted Index.

Shareholder structure of "Sopharma" AD as at 31 April 2023 is as follows:

Shareholder structure of "Sopharma" AD  
"Donev Investments Holding" AD 35.24%
"Telecomplect Invest" AD 20.68%
CUPF "Alianz Bulgaria" 5.23%
Physical persons 10.19%
Other companies 18.66%
"Sopharma" AD (treasury shares) 10.00%

"Sopharma" AD (treasury shares)