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Where can I get dividend for previous years?

Unreceived dividends for up to 5 years back can be received by bank transfer. For more information please contact the Financial Accounting Department of "Sopharma" AD, at the following telephone number: +359 889 324 295.

I am prevented from receiving my dividend personally.

Your representative can do this on your behalf  if they have a notarized power of attorney.

How can I sell or buy shares of Sopharma AD on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD?

In order to sell or buy shares of Sopharma AD on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD, you need to use the services of an investment intermediary (Financial Broker).

How can I sell or buy shares of Sopharma AD on the Warsaw Stock Exchange?

In order to sell or buy Sopharma AD shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, you must use the services of a Bulgarian investment intermediary that carries out transactions on a foreign market (in the case of the Warsaw Stock Exchange) or use the services of a Polish or other foreign investment intermediary.

How can I find out what the Company's shares are worth at a certain time of the day?

Information about the quotations of the shares of Sopharma AD is available in almost all daily newspapers, on the website of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD and <here> (Stock performance menu).

I have lost my depository receipt, how can I get a copy?

You must contact an investment intermediary who is a registration agent (Financial Broker) in order to receive a copy.

How do I find out when the General Meeting of the Company's shareholders will be held?

According to the Law on Public Offering of Securities, the Company is obliged to hold a Regular General Meeting of Shareholders by the end of the first half of the year following the end of a financial year. All GMS materials can be found here (General Meeting of Shareholders menu). 

How can I get acquainted with the agenda of the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS)?

The agenda is included in the Invitation to the GMS. According to Art. 115 of the Civil Procedure Code The invitation together with the materials for the GMS is sent to the Financial Supervision Commission, the Central Depository, Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD and the public, at least 30 days before the Assembly. You can also find all GMS materials  here (General Meeting of Shareholders menu).