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People first

Our employees are our most important asset. Through them our philosophy and vision are expressed in every day practice.Our staff consists of 1,740 people.

  • Sopharma believes in the skills of our people and invest in their future development.
  • Sopharma discovers and encourages talented employees.
  • Sopharma implements best practices that contribute to the development of the company, people and society.

As a responsible employer we invest in developments of modern and upgrading management systems.
We recognize and reward the efforts and results and provide a safe working environment for our employees.

The company takes care of new employees by promoting the rapid introduction workflow by organizing introductory trainings.
For other employees the company provides training related to the daily work / language and other courses / as well as those aimed at personal and professional development.

Our employees and their families enjoy a range of benefits that are constantly evolving.

Besides the standard food vouchers Sopharma provides supplementary health insurance, free dental treatment own dental office, dining chairs principle, recreation center on the beach and in the mountains, sports - free gym and the new kindergarten. Yoga classes and dancing classes are conducted on the territory of the company.
We are proud of the fact that many of our employees have remained loyal to Sopharma for so many years and continue their career in the company's success.