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Accessible medicines

Sopharma AD works to ensure health equity and access to quality and effective treatment for patients in all its markets through affordable high quality medicines and widening its generic portfolio.

The company transferred its medicine donations policy to a different stage in order to ensure the right treatment for every different case in collaboration with our partner BCAF and other partners.

  • To ensure the access to a modern treatment
    Sopharma AD supports one of the most accessible medicines in our markets and produce small packages.
    Sopharma AD has a 3% share of the total Bulgarian pharmaceutical market in value and 10% of sales in volume as at 30 June 2020. 
  • Sopharma AD spends more resources on science and progress 
    The products Sopharma AD already manufactures are with European quality, since all plants comply with the highest contemporary requirements. 
    The company invests, when possible, in process and technology optimization, and spend more resources and attention on  science  and  progress, including on new products or new forms of already existing products. 35 production processes and technologies are in the process of transfer, validation and optimization.
  • Sopharma AD invests in developing generics 
    Sopharma AD widens its generic portfolio. In Europe generics become increasingly important and this is the way to decrease costs and save resources to be invested in innovation.  
    Pharmaceutical development is carried out of 10 new products for the Company.

The positions of the main competitors of the company in Bulgaria are as follows:

Bulgarian market share

In units (%)

Share of the total Bulgarian market in units as at 30.06.2020%
Novartis 3.6% in units
Roche 0.3% in units
Actavis 9% in units
GSK 2.4% in units
Sopharma 10% in units
Abbvie 0% in units
Sanofi-Aventis  2% in units
Astra Zeneca 0.4% in units
Pfizer 1% in units
Merck 0.8% in units

In values (%)

Share of the total Bulgarian market in value as at 30.06.2020 %
Novartis 6.6%
Roche 6.8%
Actavis 4.3%
GSK 2.9%
Sopharma 3%
Abbvie 3.8%
Sanofi-Aventis 2.6%
Astra Zeneca 2.8%
Pfizer 4%
Merck 4.2%