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A Festival of the shared values and the sportsman’s spirit of the tennis tournament from Games for Good with host Sopharma

The tennis tournament from the Project “Games for Good” was held on 29 September in Sofia and gathered over 20 competitors from 6 companies. The disputed matches were played before the best audience – colleagues and their families. In parallel with them a model tennis lesson was conducted for the little sportsmen who had the possibility to feel the beauty of the tennis for an hour. Other entertainments were also included in the programme as making and playing with kites which the parents could also participate in. The enriched programme of the event aimed at demonstrating that the values are those which unite us – brought up in the family, shared with friends, sought by the companies which we choose to work for. 

“Worthy and sportsman’s game, a real festival of the spirit and the sports!” – so the organizers from the Bulgarian Network of the United Nations Global Contract described it.

The team of Aurubis Bulgaria occupied the first place after a disputed battle who stood up behind the cause they support from the beginning of the Project – treatment of the dancer and manager of many years of Dancing Club Mikrovsko Horo Simeon Hriskov. Nuclear Power Plant Kozloduy occupied the second place in the team classification after the disputed battle who fought for the creation of a playground for beach tennis and volleyball with free access for the inhabitants of the city. 

Sopharma played for the cause "Sports for children with disabilities" of BCause: rendering assistance to the charity and as a team it was classified in the third place. The player of Sopharma Yasen Zahariev was classified in the second place in the individual battles for men, and Todor Nikolov who competed for Aurubis Bulgaria occupied the first place. For women the first place was occupied by a representative of NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) Kozloduy Sylvia Hircheva. Next on the list was Milena Gerova from TechnoLogica who played for “Traveling Cases” with books on the subject science and technologies of Foundation Children’s Books. 

The participants from the United Bulgarian Bank also left with a lot of satisfaction, who competed for lessons in financial literacy for children without parents and young people with disabilities and from Societe Generale Express Bank, who stood up behind the cause “Chance for the Invisible Super-Mothers” of the Bulgarian Fund for Women.

Edition 2018 of “Games for Good” will be completed with a volleyball tournament. It will be held on 13 October in Overgas Arena Sofia with the support of Overgas and Volleyball Academy “Stoychev and Kaziyski”. The tournaments are open for participation of companies with sports spirit and desire to get engaged with causes of significance for the society.  

The Bulgarian network of the United Nations Global Contract started the games at the beginning of the summer with a football tournament with a host TechnoLogica.  The second was the table tennis tournament which was held in Panagyurishte with a host Asarel Medet. “Games for Good” combine social commitment, work in a team and care for the health which each organization should introduce in its activities. The Project “Games for Good” aims at demonstrating that the responsible companies, the good health of the employees, sports and the causes may go hand in hand. “Games for Good: are a part of the collective programme of the Bulgarian network of the Global Contract of the United Nations “Healthy at Work“ and happen in implementation of the Strategic Plan 2015+ for work under the objectives of the United Nations for sustainable development and in particular Objective 3 “Provision of healthy way of life and stimulation of the welfare of everyone at all ages”. The Foundation BCause is an expert partner of the initiative and media partners are Darik Radio and b2bmedia.bg.

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