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Primary and secondary packaging services

Our products are our face - high quality, efficient and safe.

Sopharma offers EU primary packaging services for international markets. 

Pharmaceutical packaging is a vital part of the preparation process. Our packaging services prepare your products for market safety and on time. We establish specifications and procurement of printed packaging materials and fulfill a range of secondary packaging requirements - designed and printed in our own printing house.

Our plants are able to produce different types of packaging based on customer demands (packaging in bags, packaging in containers, packaging in AL/ PVC, AL/ PVDC, ALU/ALU blisters, cold-form and thermo-sealed blister packaging, packaging in glass ampoules, packaging in carton boxes, packaging in bottles, packaging in tubes, shippers packaging).  The plants can also handle specific packaging items like Data Matrix Code, Braille, etc.

With access to state-of-the-art facilities and the knowledge to handle complex requirements, our customer needs are easy to realize. Our goals are aligned with our philosophy – to understand the needs of our customers and deliver solutions that contribute to their success.

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