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When business meets society

We believe that partnership towards sustainable development is either the way to be responsible corporate citizens and to generate virtuous innovation processes.

We found reflection of our corporate behavior in the ten principles of the UN Global Compact as well as confirmation that our business strategies are consistent with the current development trends of the modern world. This represents the reason why of our engagement with the Bulgarian Network of the UN Global Compact.

As an active member of Network we constantly take part into developing and performing projects for societal progress. Indeed, the Organization mainly focusses its operations on national projects of importance to local communities.

Our commitment expresses towards several stakeholders, both internal and external, with the common purpose to improve society and quality standards of living.  During 2015 we have been taking part into a number of projects, most of them targeting people major needs. 

The Responsible Choice Project

Sopharma AD is one of the conceptual and logistical operators of this project aimed at revealing the power of the responsible behavior of both companies and consumers. The Responsible Choice demonstrates how by means of our actions and purchases we all have the power to modify production practices, to manage the "fashion trends" imposed by advertisers as well as to develop and teach anti-consumerism habits.

Changing attitudes and behaviors is of crucial importance for Sopharma AD since persons’ responsible choices form the foundation of a democratic society, which is a prerequisite for the real business to develop beyond public manipulation shadow.

Sopharma AD has found reflection of its corporate behavior in the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

The Food Path Project

This project is one of the favorite ones of Sopharma AD since it was based on Company’s idea and was implemented in cooperation with the Company. It was implemented for the World Environment Day on a theme set worldwide by the UN Global Compact but the interpretation is entirely consistent with the Bulgarian environment and issues. On June 5, 2015 a children’s reality took place to give the teenagers the opportunity to trace the entire food path (store shelves - dining room - disposal - recycling).
The participants were split in two teams and were given the task to do shopping and cook their lunch on their own - i.e. without adults’ control. Once they received comments on how healthy their food choices were they visited a waste recycling facility and the Bulgarian Food Bank where they "saved" slightly rotten vegetables to be submitted to a food pantry. Thus the children learned which foods are healthy, how much is "enough food" as well as that the leftovers can be turned into tasty food.
The first part of the project was realized on the territory of Sopharma Business Towers and was largely covered by healthynewsmedia.com and Zdravi mobile application, which are part of Sopharma AD communication channels.


Proud of My Parents’ Work Project

Sopharma AD joined the project two years after its launching once the Company got convinced it suited its operations. Sopharma AD contributed to further developing the project with the idea of creating a bazaar of professions where every participant is given the opportunity to show a "demo" of professions specific for the business sector.

Proud of My Parents’ Work is important for the Company since that is the first time it opened itself not only for its employees’ children but also for its partners in the Network, including to the production. Thus each participant in the project can easily get informed how the medicines are developed and produced as well as to get convinced that Sopharma AD operations adheres to high standards.

Proud of My Parents’ Work introduces the businesses and different professions involved in participating companies and educates the children on interesting and important topics: money and its role, work environment safety and Internet safety, health promotion, environment protection, etc. The project goal is to teach the children that the work is a need as well as that every person can bring value to the society regardless of their profession.