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Healthy means Happy

As the largest Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Sopharma AD works not only to ensure access to modern treatment and for digitalization of healthcare in Bulgaria.
The only way to drive any industry forward in these disruptive times is the marriage between innovation and social justice.
This is in the core of pharmacy, so the industry just have to remember it. Sopharma does it. The Company goes beyond the borders of traditional pharmaceuticals investments and supports healthy living forums and festivals.

Sopharma AD  supports the idea that health is not a lifestyle issue, but the only up to date and conscious way of living. That’s why Sophrama AD invests in programs and activities, including digital, related to health.

Social disease responsibility 

Sopharma’s smoking cessation drug with positive preliminary clinical data in the US

Sopharma’s (3JR BU) smoking cessation drug with positive preliminary clinical trial data in the US, the Company’s American partner Achieve Life Sciences (NASDAQ: ACHV) announced in a statement.
Achieve acquired the rights to commercialize Sopharma’s Tabex in the US in 2015. In 2017 it initiated an Investigational New Drug application with the US Food and Drug Administration and commenced a cytisine clinical development program in preparation to initiate a Phase 3 trial in the US in 2018. Sopharma is to be exclusive supplier of cytisine API and finished product under an up to 20-year exclusivity supply agreement.
Now Achieve announced positive preliminary data from the Cytisine Phase I/II Multi-Dose clinical study initiated in October 2017. Following the completion of the phase, the study evaluated the repeat-dose PK and PD effects of 1.5mg and 3mg cytisine in 24 healthy volunteer smokers aged 18- 65 years when administered over the standard 25-day course of treatment. The PK results indicated expected increases in plasma concentration between the standard and higher doses of cytisine with no evidence of drug accumulation. Furthermore, Cytisine was well-tolerated and reported adverse events were mostly mild and short-lived. Dr. Cindy Jacobs, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Achieve said that the abstinence rates observed with cytisine were particularly impressive given the short 25-day treatment period. He also added that subjects did not commit to quitting and received only minimal behavioral support. Dr. Jacobs said that setting an actual quit date and receiving enhanced behavioral support were key factors to improve smoking cessation outcomes.

2017 starts with good news concerning the registration and further development of Tabex® The buyer of the share of Sopharma AD in Extab – Achieve – is undertaking a merger with another strong player in the development and registration of innovative medicines – Oncogenex, a publicly traded company on NASDAQ (http://in.reuters.com/article/idINFWN1EV0QP). The procedure is expected to be completed by mid 2017 subject to approval from the US FSC. Sopharma AD will own approximately 3.5% in the newly created company, which will aim at filing the IND for Tabex in 2017.

The 2015 Campaign against the spread of the bluetongue disease started on time. The Campaign was in accordance with the approved national plan and EC sanction, confirmed the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, Prof. Plamen Mollov. Vaccines for a total amount of BGN 4 625 000 were supplied by relevant decision of the Government. Brussels reimbursed half of that amount. Due to the warm and humid weather in September and October 2014, the disease spread irrespective of the measures promptly undertaken, to over 2155 settlements in the territory of the whole country and the number of domestic livestock slaughtered or dead reached 472 cattle, 556 goats and 36 252 sheep. The price of one dose of the vaccine supplied is 1 euro, and the product was administered once to sheep and twice to cattle. This is an inactivated serotype 4 vaccine manufactured, labelled and packaged in France.
It has been approved according to all European standards, it has all the veterinary and medical certificates required. Its supplier under the urgent terms of action is Sopharma. It was announced by the Company that soon it will start manufacturing basic vaccines needed for stock-farming, which will make the access of Bulgarian farmers to such protection cheaper.

Digital Social Responsibility 

In digital era Sopharma AD provides all kinds of information, related to our products and different kind of health problems and health care through our digital channels.

The company communicates through Sopharma AD’ youtube channel and company profiles in facebook and twitter. Everyone can find us not only through our corporate profile, but using our different profiles related to different themes #Zdravi, #Silenden, #Ilovemyheart.

The company  created two different apps#Exsmoker and #Zdravi.
#Zdravi (means Haalthy) - a social  platform,  that  include a  mobile  application, blog and a facebook society, active not only in all social media but also offline. #Zdravi aims to created social commitment giving advices on physical and mental health and focus the attention on healthy living. Sopharma AD wants to show that “healthy” does not mean “boring” or “tough”.

#Zdravi Sopharma is launching the “Healthy” campaign with a portable Interactive installation  designed especially for the  project. The campaign is dedicated to promote easy to follow practices for  healthy  living by measuring  health  indicators, such as pulse, and providing easy to implement advice  according  to the health indicators measured, upon performing the advice and the installation drops the  participator a present.  The installation can be placed at different places where the people passing could interact with. #Zdravi  made offline events during  the year for healthy cooking, how to be healthy and beautiful, sport events. Mobile app #Zdravi won first “Digital Oscar” award for online project and the awards for online project and CSR for business sector of Bulgarian PR Society.

#Healthy and #ExSmoker of Digital Transformation Pharmacy 3.0 forum
Digital Transformation pharmacy forum of journal Enterprise gathered in 2017 in Sofia at the Balkan Hotel representatives of the pharmaceutical branch and the digital companies which together work for digitalization of the health care. 
We are witnesses of continuous innovations which are already structure determining for the development of each economic segment, according to the organizers. Pharmacy is one of the most innovative and advanced sectors, which resisted the world crisis and continues to develop. Its future depends not only on the new products and productions but also on the new technologies in the communications. IoT, big data, cloud technologies, shared economy and digitalization of our everyday life unavoidably change pharmacy as well. 
The building up of affordable and modern health care is possible solely with transformation of the pharmacy and of the system of health care in parallel with the digital development of our everyday life.

We for society
We for society was our national project for measurement of basic health parameters and providing information about health culture. This social project was realized in different towns in Bulgaria with our mobile group and in pharma stores and after transformation of program - in several pension clubs  in  Sofia.
To provide the feeling of actual care and support,  Sopharma AD asked professionals to measure blood pressure, carbon monoxide in the lungs, the volume of inhaled air, as well as a recommendation to visit a general  practitioner, if necessary.  

Sopharma AD joint project with Darik radio to promote healthy lifestyle in urban environment. The company built the bicycle rack Zdravi in a modern and eco style infront of National library and at Bulgarian National Tennis Center in Kniaz Boris Garden. Sopharma AD supported Sofiabike in a bike tour to Sofia Sveta Gora for the Saint Sofia Day, 17.09.2015. 

“Help from a friend”
“In house” charity bazaar, aimed to cultivate charity and voluntary participation of Sopharma employees. The project is really sustainable and Sopharma AD organizes bazaars 2-3 times in a year since 2010.

CSR programs for healthy living 

Sopharma supports Velorali DRAG Cherni Vrah MTB race  
More than 150 people took part in the 14th edition of on 21st October. The route covers 38 km from Sofia’s Boyana district up to Bulgaria’s 4th highest mountain peak Cherni Vrah at 2290 meters, and back down again to the starting point. Sopharma traditionally supports the Velorali. 

Tennis Day with Sopharma
The Bulgarian National Tennis Center and Sopharma AD organized jointly a Tennis Day with Sopharma sports festival for company employees and their families for another year. Sopharma AD also provided a free tennis camp for the children of its employees. With coaches and all-day special program, the children acquired new skills in a healthy environment, new friends and positive emotions.

Sopharma AD supported the 7th edition of “Diplomats & Friends" tennis tournament that took place at the tennis courts of the National Tennis Center at Knyaz Borisova Gradina in Sofia. Traditionally, the tournament was organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Tournament Sopharma 2015 for best shooter
s gathers the Best Sports Shooters in Bulgaria from the 2nd to the 4th of November. The competition was organized jointly by the pharmaceutical company and Levski Sopharma Shooting Club, and besides the top shooters with pistols and rifles in men’s and women’s category, the competition gave a chance to the talents in boys’ and girls’ category.
Sopharma AD plans tournament to become annual and with a continuing focus on the development of adolescents.