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The big IR challenge

Creating a clear message and making a long story short

The challenge for every IR professional is to extract the quintessese of what the company actually is and does and pass on the spirit with which the Management carries the company forward.

Personal contact allows people to exchange ideas more easily and to clarify blurred concepts in a dialogue, but nto always is this contact a possible and preferred way to communicate.

The Internet provides grounds to make complicated stories simpler.

The Internet provides grounds to make complicated stories simpler and attempt to explain and translate the company’s image into understandable and accessible language for different audiances.

Because of the specific areа in which Sopharma operates and the somehow different structure that most generic companies have it is really difficult to make all the information accessible, short and understandable.

With the new web site we tried to do exactly that: give an opportunity to every person that is interested in the company to pleasantly learn who we are and what we do in the shortest possible time.