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How to join us

Sopharma AD is the largest Bulgarian pharmaceutical company.

  • The main driving force of every step of its development have been the people that work for it, the ones the company works for.
  • For the accomplishment of our humane mission to improve the quality of life we need qualified specialists.
  • If you would like to join our team of professionals, please send a correctly filled out CV and cover letter at work@sopharma.bg. We will contact you in the shortest time possible.

Selection process


Introductory training

Sopharma AD is a pharmaceutical company with more than 85 years of history. Our policy is to produce high quality products meeting the criteria of all world standards and with a guaranteed quality, efficacy and safety.

To accomplish the high goals it has set for itself, Sopharma AD relies on its qualified personnel.

Introductory training - each newly hired employee of Sopharma receives an introductory training. It includes:

  • an introduction to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice and systems for Quality Management
  • practical training, which is specialized depending on the requirements of each individual position.

Knowledge and skills verification – under the supervision of their supervisor, appointed by the head of the department, any newly hired employee applies in practice the standard operating procedures and work instructions related to the requirements and specifics of the position. After a three-month probationary period of initial training a verification of knowledge and skills is conducted through tests and observation of the behavior in the workplace. Only if the results of this examination are positive is the person allowed to work independently.

Ongoing training - after the initial training, the personnel of Sopharma AD is subject to ongoing training under pre-approved programs. The programs are individual and correspond to the specific requirements of each position. The effectiveness of these trainings is evaluated periodically. The high standards, under which we work, have been time-tested and guarantee the quality of the products manufactured by Sopharma AD. With the continuous training of all employees of Sopharma AD we are able to build a quality culture in each employee of Sopharma AD, because the health of our customers is the mission of each of us.