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Shared Values that Unite Communities

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) practices and shared values were the focus of the working breakfast organized by AmCham and Bcаuse that took place on the 05th of April 2017. The official guest and presenter Ted Hart, CEO of CAF America and president of CAF Canada, talked about the development of social entrepreneurship and how it is recognized as a subject of corporate social responsibility by the companies. Joint work with social entrepreneurs who are in the center of issues important for the community is a natural choice for social investments by corporate citizens. This type of partnership contributes for the sustainable development of small and emerging businesses, on the one hand, and for the relation of companies with the interested parties, on the other. Thus, projects important for the local communities are implemented and their quite specific and particular problems are solved. In turn, companies are being recognized as partners and acquire a more humanized image through their employees and become a part of the daily life of the community.

Companies guarantee transparency of financing at all stages of project implementation.

Of course, there are strict rules for financing, both for the companies and for the donor funds. They guarantee transparency of financing at all stages of project implementation, the degree of self-participation by the recipients of the donations and the benefits for the community.

An interesting and current example, Nancy Schiller, president of America for Bulgaria Foundation, presented with a few words the initiative “Little Heroes”. In her opinion, foundations can implement many of the initiatives by themselves, but they shouldn’t. That is why they involve business and along with that they create opportunities for everyone who wants to support the cause. The options expand with the arrangement of a dms number for the specific cause. Inclusion of famous people with positive image from the community as the ambassadors of the initiative contributes not only for its promotion but also for attracting media as partners. For “Little Heroes”, the foundation attracts Grigor Dimitrov and turns also to media with a partnership offer which, according to Nancy Schiller, is a new approach for Bulgaria. Thus, in her opinion, the Foundation manages to attract representatives of the whole society in one country, from corporations to common people, including media.

*Sopharma AD is among the active members of AmCham and a partner of BCause in various causes.