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Beautiful Christmas Decoration at Sopharma

14 December 2012

The children from 8th Secondary General Education School "Vasil Levski" together with their class teacher Zhenya Milusheva visited Sopharma on 13.12.2012.

Their visit was related to the initiative they carry out every year. There is a large group of children with special educational needs at their school. Every year in December the children from this group together with their friends out of the group prepare Christmas cards and elements of Christmas decoration. The works offered at the improvised bazaar at Sopharma were highly appreciated and rapidly bought out. Afterwards, using the money received, the younger children will go to a theater and the older ones, to a cinema. The important issue for the school management is to motivate the children to create and develop social contacts by their creativity. A joint activity and the award shared afterwards proved to be a good possibility for such a motivation.