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Corporate Social Responsibility with Successful Companies

17 January 2014

Open discussion on Corporate Social Responsibility was held on 01.15.2014 at the Department of Economics of Sofia University. Leading companies - members of the UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria (BMGD) told about their projects developed to the benefit of society. Despite the upcoming session, 30 students asked questions to representatives of Sopharma, Contour Global, TNT and BMGD.

Sopharma, sharing all 10 principles of the Global Compact, is convincingly demonstrating that the development of socially responsible business is the only guarantee of prosperity. The projects, subject to implementation by the company, are addressed to both the employees and stakeholders, and to the general public. Among the most popular initiatives of Sopharma are “We for the society” - a project to raise the awareness of healthy lifestyles and free measurement of health parameters; to invest in sports, to maintain a communications platform between all persons interested in a democratic media environment, to invest in arts.

Of special importance to the company is the project “80 oak trees” due to its association with the 80th anniversary of Sopharma. This project has been also acknowledged by Global Compact Network Bulgaria as an initiative to be joined by the other Network Member Companies.

The participants in the discussion shared the common view that responsible corporate behaviour shall be a matter of choice and proper value system.