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The Culture of Breathing with the colours of the smile for clean lungs

30 March 2012

It is not a novelty that 50% of Bulgarian population are smokers and that our country in among the leading ones in Europe in mortality due to cardiovascular diseases.

Nowadays the issue of total prohibition of smoking in public places (children playgrounds, parks, public transport stops, restaurants and other similar establishments) has been widely discussed, but we offer a fresh and non-standard method to attract smokers to the idea „For clean lungs” by means of the culture of breathing. The exhibition in the Art Space of Sopharma Business Towers, opened on 26 March 2012, shows various concepts for a no-smoking sign, as well as cartoons that provoke us to think about present-day way of life. The issue of smoking continued with a discussion on "Tabex – Life without Cigarette Smoke" organized on 29 March this year. During the event, Assoc.Prof. Popov from MVR-Hospital Sofia and Assoc.Prof. Kosta Kostov from VMA-Sofia presented the history of smoking and the related diseases: nicotine addiction, chronic bronchitis, COPD, pulmonary, oral and esophageal cancer etc.

Latest data from the clinical trial of Tabex abroad were presented *, which confirmed its advantages to other smoking cessation devices, and last but not least, its high efficacy, low price and availability. Those interested in this exhibition can visit it until Easter at the Art Space of Sopharma Business Towers (second floor). * TASC trial was conducted in Poland on 740 chain-smokers and was financed by the National Preventive Research Institute (NPRI) with the support of the British Heart Foundation and the Department of Health and Cancer Research of the United Kingdom. Chief Investigator was Robert West (Professor in Health Psychology, University College of London). The trial was conducted in Poland and directed by Witold Zatonski (Professor in Epidemiology at the Memorial Cancer Centre „Maria Sklodowska-Curie ”, Warsaw).

The results from the study were published in one of the most reputable scientific journals, New England Journal of Medicine.