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Decisions of AGM of shareholders of Sopharma AD

19 June 2015

Sopharma AD (the “Company”) notifies that on the regular General Meeting of Shareholders of Sopharma AD, conducted on 19 June 2015 in Sofia, 5 Lachezar Stanchev Str., were taken the following decisions:

1. Approval of the proposal by the Board of Directors for the distribution of the profit generated in 2014 and the undistributed profit from past periods as follows: net profit for 2014 amounts to 26 532 491.96 BGN /twenty-six million, five hundred and thirty-two thousand, four hundred and ninety-one leva and ninety-six stotinki/. The undistributed profit from past periods amounts to 2 620 712.71 /two million, six hundred and twenty thousand, seven hundred and twelve leva and seventy-one stotinki/. The total amount of the profit, subject to distribution, is 29 153 204.67 /twenty-nine million, one hundred and fifty-three thousand, two hundred and four leva and sixty-seven stotinki/. After the allocation of 10% to the statutory reserve, amounting to 2 915 320.46 BGN /two million, nine hundred and fifteen thousand, three hundred and twenty leva and forty-six stotinki/, the remaining sum, amounting to 26 237 884.21 BGN /twenty-six million, two hundred and thirty-seven thousand, eight hundred and eighty-four leva and twenty-one stotinki/ shall be allocated to the additional reserves of the Company. No dividend shall be paid to the shareholders;

2. Election of AFA OOD with address of management in Sofia, 38 Oborishte Str. as a registered auditor for auditing and verification of the Annual financial statements of the Company for 2015, according to a proposal by the Audit Committee.

3. Approval of decision under art. 24, par. 3, letter B of the Company’s Articles of Association for the payment of an additional fee of 1% /one percent/ of the net profit for 2014 according to the approved annual financial statement to the Executive Director of the Company;

4. Approval of decision for the distribution of 2% /two percent/ of the net profit for 2014 among the members of the senior management of the Company in compliance with the requirements of art. 26a, item 12 of the Articles of Association of the Company.