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The “Do good games” started off with football and noble causes

4 June 2018

Sunday saw the launching of the Bulgarian UN Global Compact network project, which is aimed at showing that responsible businesses, employee’s health, sporting activities and similar causes can go hand in hand.

The run for first place in the tournament was extremely challenging. Sopharma scored equal points with the winners, but in the direct match with “Aurubis Bulgaria” ended second at  4:5.

The prize pool of $ 2,500 in the "Do-good games" football tournament was won by Aurubis Bulgaria’s cause. The collected means shall be used for the treatment of 34-year-old Simeon Hriskov from the village of Mirkovo, who is a longtime dancer in  Elin Pelin’s “Shopsky” group and the temporary manager of the “Mikrovsko Horo” dance club. By winning the prize, Simeon Hriskov will get support for his costly treatment after a leg amputation due to a rare type of tumor of his left foot as well as for the placing a prosthesis.

Besides the admiration it gets from its fans, Sopharma’s team got the individual prize for the top scorer Kristian Kalapchiev, who scored a whole 17 goals. "Sopharma" took up the cause "One for all, all for Krisi" to back up the  9-year-old Kristian who is diagnosed with a very serious and rare disease called the "Ewing-Sarkom".

The Overgas team took the third place and their cause in favor of the “Children's” foundation, which supports disadvantaged children through organized courses, trainings and mentors. Fourth came Societe Generale Expressbank, which supported the Bulgarian “Women's Fund” and their “Chance for the invisible super moms” program which supports single mothers in their professional development. The fifth place was taken by the TechnoLogica team who also hosted the tournament and did their best to help fund the restoration of the "St. Archangel Michael" church in Gabrovo.

"All of these causes are truly worthy. With the “Do good games” we show that donation is a part of everyday life, a part of sports and, indeed, a part of our own selves as well as that business can do good", said Elitsa Barakova, the "BCause" CEO who sponsored the project.

In the special friendly game between the generations, children, parents and friends joined in and gave an additional push to the tournament and the causes.

The "Do good games" project includes a total of 4 tournaments in which each participating company plays for the social cause it has chosen. In this year's edition of the program there will be a tennis tournaments starting June 16 in Panagyurishte, which will be hosted by Asarel Medet, court tennis on the 29th of September in Sofia with host being Sopharma and volleyball event on October 13 in Sofia, hosted by Overgas. The tournaments are open for any company or combined team wishing to participate.

The "Do good games" are part of the United Nations Global Compact Network program called "Healthy at work" and it is realized under the 2015+ Strategic Plan for implementing the UN Sustainable Development Objectives and Objective 3 - "Providing a healthy way to living and stimulating the well-being of all in all ages". 

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