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Donev: Sopharma gets less than 2% of the state funds for medicines

8 February 2016

Sopharma gets 1,8% of the public resources spent on medicines. The Government should take into account that progeneric policy is the one to result in savings. This is what the Executive Director of Sopharma AD, Ognian Donev, said in Business Start broadcast on BloombergTVBulgaria. According to his words, although the European practice is for generics to be increasingly penetrating the market, their share in the whole South Europe is very small. According to him, the use of generic medicines will present a possibility to decrease costs and save means for innovations. Donev stated that the allegations for the sale of the business are speculations and that expansion by purchases abroad may be expected in 2016. „The slump in sales by 14% last year is as a result of the international situation“, commented Donev. However, he stated that the company has achieved good financial results. According to his words, its shares enjoy a good interest both from Bulgaria and from abroad. „Export is the locomotive of economic development of Bulgaria and provides jobs in this country“, said Donev. It is important for Sopharma as well, its sales in Bulgaria being barely 30% even in its best years, according to his words. http://www.bloombergtv.bg