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Fitness Center for the workers and employees of Sopharma AD

3 September 2012

As part of the policy of corporate social responsibility and as a sign of support to the Government initiative for provision of free of charge sports activities to the employees by the employers, Sopharma has accomplished another social project.

Since September 2012 company employees will be able to carry out sports activities at any time and completely free of charge at the new fitness room at 16, Iliensko Shose Str. The room is near a medical consulting room, dental consulting room and the kindergarten opened in the beginning of the year for the children of Sopharma's workers and employees. The fitness room is equipped with cardiologic devices, with traditional facilities and accessories for health training, as well as with a tennis table. The access to the room is completely open and free for company employees, its work hours being complied with the shifts in the manufacturing units.

The company provides opportunities other sports like yoga, gymnastics, folk dances to be practiced as well, but this is the first completely free of charge sports centre. This way Sopharma expresses its commitment to governmental initiatives for maintenance of good public health.