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Health Days in Veliko Tarnovo, Balchik and Kavarna

20 June 2012

Health Day was held on 08 June 2012 in Veliko Tarnovo. More than two hundred residents and guests of the old capital were given the opportunity to have their blood pressure, heart rate and body weight measured.

This initiative continued on 14 and 15 June in Balchik and Kavarna with the assistances of the municipalities of each one of these towns. The first celebration of the Health Day outside Sofia this summer took place in Blagoevgrad and Sandanski on 31 May and 01 June, respectively. In connection with 31 May, the World No Tobacco Day, the accent of measurements in Blagoevgrad was the carbon oxide accumulated in smokers, and everyone who was willing received additional information about „benefits” from smoking. Sopharma's initiative „Health Days” started in 2010 and was a part of the Company's We for the Society Programme.

It included free measurement of a number of health parameter values of everyone who was willing, and the first Health Days were held in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. Blood pressure, heart rate and body weight measurements confirmed the tendencies in the health status of the population in our country – increased blood pressure and body weight. These health parameters are the first indication of cardiovascular problems according to which our country ranks second in Europe. Along with measurement of the said parameters, every willing smoker could have his/her addiction to cigarettes and carbon oxide accumulated in the body checked by the special Smoke Check apparatus.

The Health Days campaigns held throughout the country outlined a worrying trend in people to neglect their health status and to expect „that it will pass”, as well as the necessity of regular prophylaxis and improvement of the health education of the population. Sopharma's initiative will continue throughout the county, and it is the team's ambition to demonstrate to people that regular checks of health parameters, active movement and sport, visits to the GP, and the healthy way of life can only improve our state of health and quality of life.