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The Healthy Campaign

27 May 2014

After creating the free mobile app “Zdravi”  Sopharma is launching the  “Healthy” campaign.

A portable Interactive installation designed especially for the project with mechanics made of plywood with  Arduino  based Software.

The campaign is dedicated to promote easy to follow practices for healthy living by measuring health indicators, such as pulse, and providing easy to implement advice according to the health indicators measured,upon performing the advise, the installation drops the participator a present.

The colourful  box has  already been placed at the entrance of two subway stations in Sofia, where it was of a great interest for people of all ages.

On the 31st of May the installation can be found at Serdica Metro Station from 1 to 5 in the afternoon.

The “Healthy” campaign aims to  promote easy ways for maintaining good physical and mental shape,in a fun and engaging way.