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‘I am Proud of my Parents' Work’ with Annual HR Awards 2015 prize

21 January 2016

The collective project „I am Proud of my Parents' Work” carried off the prize at the ceremony of the traditional Annual Human Resources Awards, held on 20.01.2016 at Rainbow Plaza, Sofia. The project of the Bulgarian Global CompactNetworkgained distinction as the best 2015 project for integrating education into business. This award was for HR project for effective and operative interaction between business and education. This is the third year of the project, each issue being „improved” by new ideas and programs. Sopharma participated actively for another year in a row in "I am Proud of my Parents' Work", and more than 300 families took part this year in the jobs presentation at the Bazaar of Professions. The Annual HR Awards competition is organized by the Bulgarian Association for People Management and it is a form to share and distinguish successful practices realized in Bulgaria. The ideas and objectives of the competition are publicity and recognition for results achieved in one's work, for creating added value for organizations and development of the HR profession level and HR industry in Bulgaria. The competition encourages authorship, creative approach in the profession and the creation of novel, unique products and projects, as well as their effective realization. The other persons who gained distinction in the competition were Alexandra Milcheva, BM Finance Group in the "Organizational Leader of the Year, Most Committed to Management of People of the Year" category; Raiffeisenbank inthe "Best HR Project of a Large Company" category; Svetlana Valeva and Nadezhda Danabasheva in the "HR Consultancy Project/Tool of the Year" category, Milen Velikov, Actavis in the "HR Rising Star of the Year" category. No awards were delivered in the "HR Manager/Director of the Year" and "Best HR Project of a Small/Medium Enterprise" categories. Awards sponsors this year are jobs.bg, one.bg and economy.bg