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Kissing is healthy

16 February 2012

Over 34 people in love took part in the demonstration that kissing is healthy The first Bulgarian study on kissing took place on Valentine’s Day at Sopharma Business Towers in Sofia. 17 couples in love aged 20 to 30 years joined to prove scientists’ claim that kiss is not only a delight for heart emotions, but it is also healthy for the heart. At the event, the heart rate of the love couples was measured before and after kissing.

The normal heart rate for a man is 60 – 80 strokes per minute. The heart rate of the love couples who took part in the study was within these limits. After kissing, their heart rate increased with twenty to thirty strokes per minute and the mean values were 85 – 110 strokes per minute. Clearly proven! Kissing increased the heart rate of the love couples, improved their blood circulation, with confirmed long-term influence on cardiovascular activity. Scientists recommend kissing as a prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases. Scientific studies have shown that frequent and long kisses have a favourable effect on cardiac activity and reduce the risk of myocardial infraction. Kissing prevents the formation of stress hormones – one of the most common culprits for high blood pressure. Kissing significantly increases heart rate which, on the other hand, improves blood circulation, helps for burning many calories, enhances vitality, as well as immunity. Facts show that a 90-second kiss increases the blood pressure and heart rate, as if after a short jogging.

On the average, a person spends about four minutes and a half per year kissing or a total of 20 160 seconds of his life kissing. The purpose of the event was to prove that kissing is HEALTHY and how exciting and „pulsatory” it can be in love couples. It was organised by Sopharma AD as part of the campaign for prevention of cardiovascular diseases „I love my heart”. National movement „I love my heart” The purpose of the National movement „I love my heart” of Acetyline Protect organised by Sopharma AD is to increase the awareness for the risks of cardiovascular diseases and to help people take measures to prevent infarctions and strokes.

Bulgaria holds the first place in the world in death rate due to cardiovascular diseases, and in the recent years the age of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases has been decreasing and younger people have been affected. With the campaign of Acetyline Protect „I love my heart”, Sopharma AD intends to perform various initiatives which will help for the prevention and prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases.