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Mediamixx 2013

13 June 2013

The 19th edition of the international media forum Mediamixx, which took place between 9 and 12 June in Albena, ended with 7 Golden crowns for one TV seria, a few Golden umbrellas and fix dates for the next edition - Mediamixx 2014.

This year's media forum was concentrated around congress part that starts with a discussion for capitals in the media and freedom of speech, a natural continuation of last year's Mediamixx and another interesting year in media environment development in Bulgaria. Essential part of the Congress program was discussions between providers and content creators, as well as the subject of copyright. Award "Smart Investor" - a smart investment in the media business for 2012-2013, was for Darik web for the acquisition of NetInfo. Previous two years this award honors the investments in 24 hours and Trud newspapers (2011) and the development of media group Bulgaria On Air in 2012.

Award for contribution to the international communications development and business between countries "Cross Culture" received producer and president of the India Film Guild Mukesh Bath, who spoke about the possibility of shooting in Bulgaria Indian films. Award hosts Albena Resort receive internet-portal Bulgarian municipalities Kmeta.bg.

Award for lifetime contribution in the media business progress were for all active bloggers and this idea is outstanding recognition for all active participants on the web who freely express their opinions and are a catalyst for the media environment and civil society progress in the country.

All awards "Golden Crown" for the Bulgarian series, collecting the interest not only of the media profession, but the audience went to the show "Undercover" of Bulgarian National Television. He received the award for best TV series, director, screenwriter, cameraman, casting, music and the best product positioning. This year they are selected not by jury, but entirely through online voting on the website "Mediamixx". Nominated for the awards were series “The Tree of Life"," House Arrest "," Where's Maggie", " Not given"," Revolution Z "," Seven hours difference", "Sofia residents in more" and "The family". First prize "Undercover" received this year was presented by Elena Krusteva, Sopharma Corporate Communications and Advertising Director, the company that traditionally support different projects related to communications. One of the awards was presented by a representative of Deloitte, which was the guarantor for the correct counting of the votes and determine the winner of the awards.

Mediamixx traditionally focus the media guild interest and the circle of active participants in the discussions expands every year. This year's forum included also bloggers who increasingly influencing the public opinion and media environment. Significant interest to the subjects had representatives of different business sphere, including Sopharma, Port Infrastructure, Deloitte and other companies, that made the event possible because of the belief that investments in such projects and promote media freedom is the way for the development of democracy and responsible civil society, which are a natural environment for business prosperity. The Mediamixx's Edition 2014 organizers expectation, are for bigger support and cooperation of more companies and media players, including foreign participants.