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ON!Fest – the festival for urban culture looking into the future

24 September 2013

From the 20th to the 22nd of September, Sofia hosted ON!Fest, a unique festival in Bulgaria for urban culturet hat unfolded its huge potential with the help of Sopharma as well.

During the two days of the Festival, everyone could find his passion: gaming, graffiti, parkour, anime competition, comprehensive program.

The finals of the Balkan tournament for the most played game in theworld for 2013 - League of Legends, could be watched on huge screens in the festival rooms.

One of the most interesting competitions that gathered a large number of contestants was the representation of the symbols “SFRM” (Sopharma). Overseveral “sessions” each of 15 minutes through out the two days, beginning graffiti art ists were able to show their talentand inspiration, and those graffiti that won the most votes received awards: accessories for graffiti painting.

Contest ants and visitors of the festival could capture their impressions with photos that took part in the competition “Everyone is a media”. Both competitions are part of the initiative “Looking into the Future” by which Sopharma supports the development of contemporary urban culture. In the heat of the summer, in July, the campaign supported the Animes festival – a festival for anime and manga.

This year ON! Fest has attracted more than 15 000 visitors and itis becoming the biggest festival of this kind on the Balkans and maybe in Europe.