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The open-air office “opens” again

6 July 2017


Today, July 6, 2017, the open-air joint project called the “Open-air” office will again start work as a focal point for ideas and shared energy and resources. Until July 14th  from 9 am to 9 pm every working day all those who’s desire is to change their work place may take their mobile devices with them and shift their activity to a more creative and free atmosphere. This year's program includes a meeting of the European association of communication specialists who will celebrate the “birthday” of the PR specialist and will discuss the future of the Capital careers office, the future of the public gardens, etc.

The office will start with a brunch called "Who needs a vacation if your job is your hobby?" hosted by Zdravi with the participation of the opera singer Mila Mihova, the founder of “Food connection Dimitar Shopov, Velislava Popova from the “Dnevnik” newspaper, Storer Blog, a parcour  group which will totally change your ideas about what it’s like to be “at work”.

This year, Mtel has joined the founders of the Credo Bonum, BACB and @Zdravi of Sopharma has joined Mtel thanks to which the office staff can now enjoy free internet access.