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Our first grade pupil - ready for school!

9 July 2013

All children of the employees of Sopharma AD, who 15th of September will step across the threshold of the national school for the first time които на 15-ти септември, were given unexpected presents.

Seventy are the future first grade pupils and each of them is already a proud owner of a school knapsack with complete set for the first grade. The knapsack is quite heavy as it contains: notebooks, sketchpads, a drawing block, paints and colour pencils, a drawing set, plastic sticks, letters, digits and mathematical symbols, plasticine board and a knife and a 10 colour plasticine set, children's scissors and a dry glue stick, pencils НВ and an eraser for both pencil and ink, pencil sharpener with shavings container, felt-tip pens and 12 colour set of crayons, water colours and brushes, a counting frame, labels and notebook covers ... and best wishes for much diligence and love of learning!