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PR Prize 2014 distinguished the best PR projects for the year

27 June 2014

PR Prize 2014 distinguished the most memorable and successfully held PR campaigns throughout the year at an official ceremony on 26.06.2014 in Hilton Hotel in Sofia. Inthisedition, 48 projects competed for the prizes in 13 of all 14 competitive categories.

Inthecategory “PR projectforInternalCommunications”, first place won the project of the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Contract, Sopharma also being a member, “I Am Proud with My Parents Work”, jointly realised by the interior departments of three companies, Overgas Inc., TechnoLogica and ContourGlobal Maritsa Iztok 3.

Thefirstprizesinthecategories “CSR Project– Non-ProfitSector” and “OnlineCommunications” receivedtheproject “Letter for Change” of All Channels Communication Group which received a special prize of the jury for “Project-Message”of PR Prize 2014. United Partners tookfirstprizeinthecategories “PR Project in Public Sector”and “Green Communications and Urban Environment”.

New Moment New Ideas also wontwoprizesin the categories “Corporate PR Campaign” and “PR Project for Product or Service”. UniCreditBulbankwonthe category “SpecialEvent” withtheproject “The Return of UEFA Champions League Cup in Bulgaria”.

Category“Political PR” remained with third place with the project “There is Different Politics” of Political Party “The Greens”.

TheConfederationofEmployersandIndustrialistsinBulgariaawardedfortheeighttimeitsspecialprizeinPR Prize, andthisyeartheawardwasgrantedtothe project of CEZ Bulgaria, “Educational Electricity Campaign” in the category “CSR Project – Business Sector”.

Aspecialprizeinthecategory “GreenCommunicationsandUrbanEnvironment” byb2b Magazine, mediapartnerofPR Prize 2014 andorganiserofthecompetition “The Greenest Companies in Bulgaria”, was awarded to Chapter 4  for “The Green Project of Aurubis 2013”.

Theaward “PR ofa StudentProject” receivedDesislavaandNadyawiththeproject “Everything is in Your Hands”.

Prof. LyubomirStoikov, PhDwasawardedaprizefor “Contribution in the Development of the PR Profession in Bulgaria”.

PR Prize2014 andtheEightPR Festival in Bulgaria were accomplished with the assistance of Sopharma.