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Project of the Year 2011

30 March 2012

Sopharma AD is one of the main partners in the activities of Lale Foundation and the multitude of good projects accomplished every year nationwide. On 29.03.2012 in a ceremony of Project of the Year 2011 at Bulgaria Chamber Hall, the projects of non-governmental organizations in the social sphere were awarded: - Project of "Karin Dom" Foundation: Early Intervention for Prevention of Abandonment of Children with Disabilities" - Project of "Dunav" Association of Dunav Municipalities: Let's Protect and Care Better for the Health of Our Children - Project of ALA Association of Children with Inborn Facial Abnormalities and Their Parents: Contact Parents Network. It was confirmed for the seventh consecutive year that this ceremony was important for many people and organizations.

Their work is necessary not only for the thousands of people that receive their immediate support, but also for all of us – the citizens. In this sense, the participation in the programs of Lale Foundation is a clear sign of the attitude and care of business circles, mass media, diplomats, artists, towards life and opportunities of the people in Bulgaria.