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Sopharma AD joined the celebration of the World Hypertension Day

30 May 2014

On May 17th,World Hypertension Day was celebrated under the motto HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE. In the beautiful Kailaka park, in the town of Pleven, blood pressure was measured for free with the help of special devices which detect atrial fibrillation and warn for risk of stroke. Over 220 people checked their health indicators, and in 16 of them a health problem was found.

Similar campaigns for free measurement of health indicators are atradition for Sopharma’s project “We for the Society” launched in April 2011. Forthiscampaign, Sopharma AD provided devices for blood pressure measurement and a present for everyone, patient’s diary book. The measurement was held with the help of prof. Sn.Tisheva, Head of Cardiological Clinicat UMBAL “Georgy Stransky” and with the active participation of students from the Medical University - Pleven.

World Hypertension Day was marked for the first time in 2005 on the initiative of the World Hypertension League. Arterial hyper tension is a serious medical, social and economic problem worldwide. It is often areas on for cardio-vascular complications, stroke, myocardial infraction, heart and renal failure. In Bulgaria, the patients with hypertension are 2 million. Every sixth person with hypertension does not know abou this condition, and every third one ignores the high levels of his blood pressure. The age limit decreases more and more, and adolescents with hypertension in Bulgaria are about 5%. The campaign is organised to increase the awareness and the prevention of society regarding the reasons and risks of this disease which affects more and more young people, and even children as well.