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Sopharma Presented Pharmacy at the Children’s Career Fair

27 November 2017


Sopharma AD took part in the fourth edition of the Children’s career fair which is the closing event of the project “I am proud with the work of my parents”. More than 800 children visited the Children’s fair which was held this year at the training corpus of Muzeiko for two days. Friday was dedicated to organized visits from schools, which shows the willingness of our education system to turn also to another type of teaching, not only the theoretical one. On Saturday, parents had the opportunity to bring their children and together to take part in engaging activities based on serious sciences, such as software and hardware engineering, chemistry, pharmacy, geodesy. Along with that, presentations of various professions were organized for the older children, including those of the chemical engineer and the pharmacist.


“I am proud with the work of my parents” is the largest project aimed simultaneously at children and company employees and at labour as a value. The purpose is children to comprehend the importance of each professional occupation and of the knowledge required for its performance. At the same time, through the project they see their parents as employees, with knowledge and skills valued by the companies their work for. The fifth edition of “I am proud with the work of my parents” gathered more than 20 companies, and this year Sopharma took part with three of its plants simultaneously Tablet Plant in Sofia and the plants in Vrabevo and Kazanlak.