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Sopharma Team with 2014 Salomon Vitosha Trail Race Prize

26 May 2014

On May 24 a Sopharma team took part in 2014 Salomon Vitosha Trail Race (#SVT14). 230 enthusiasts from 6 countries took up the challenge to participate in the competition. According to race regulation the runners competed in three distances of varying lengths and difficulties.

Sopharma team performed quite well: Boyko Zlatanov scored 15:04 and won the first prize in the Veteran Group (Men, 4 km), while Margarita Vassileva scored 21:45 and won the second prize (Women, 4 km). 

Yet another two runners represented Sopharma team and did their best - Yavor Velchev and Mario Stoev.

Kiril Nikolov-The-Diesel ranked first and won the 27-kilometer Salomon Vitosha Trail Race with a new track race record time of 02:24:40.

Also spectators and runners' sympathies were for the 2-year old Preslav Panev, who did successfully the 4-kilometer track and was awarded the youngest successful runner prize.

As per the organizers "the mountain running is a specific sport that offers to the runners a unique combination of having close contact with nature and achieving harmony between the body and spirit".

Sopharma team runners deserve our applause for their enthusiasm and excellent performance in a sport they haven't practiced before!