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The UN Global Pact in Bulgaria Celebrated its Third Birthday

17 December 2013

During the month of Christmas, thirty companies and organisations, which share the principles of responsible corporate citizenship, celebrated three years of inspiring cooperation. The Global Pact (GP) initiative unites on a voluntary basis business, non-governmental sector and academic institutions, and the purpose is to improve the socio-economic environment in our country. This means not only to assume universal principles in the field of environmental protection, performance standards, human rights and fight against corruption but also to apply them in the daily practice.

The choice of Sopharma to be part of the UN Global Pact is a natural extension of Company's socially responsible policy adhered to for over a decade. Sopharma and the other members of the Global Pact share UN general principles of socially responsible behaviour which would lead to a global economy useful for everyone.

Cultivating the proper value system that treats labour as an expression of knowledge, abilities and creativity, is the basis of developing a prosperous society. This is possible only through consistent actions in all initiatives and realised ideas. Socially responsible behaviour is not buying an indulgence from society, it is a principle of operation and shared values of each organisation, member of the GP.